A to Z of Windows – S is for Santorini

By 2008 I had been to Santorini three times before, in 2002, 2004 and in 2006 and although I rather like it I have to say that it is no longer my favourite.

The trouble with Santorini is that once you have been elsewhere it simply becomes less impressive.  Everyone says ‘Oh, you are going to Greece, you must go to Santorini!’  but generally these are tourists who haven’t been to Amorgos, Sikinos or Folegandros and these islands, let me tell you, are many times better that easily eclipse Santorini despite its stunning caldera and unique scenery.

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12 responses to “A to Z of Windows – S is for Santorini

  1. When I saw the title of your post, my first question was going to be: is this a place I need to go? Thank you for answering the question right away. I’ve seen only three Greek islands, and while my fellow tourists raved about Mykonos, I was smitten by green Patmos. It’s clear from your traveling experience that there is much more to see of these islands.


  2. I completely agree. I do love Santorini however it lacks personality and the Greek charm that other less touristy islands do so well. Thanks for your honest post!


  3. I agree with you about Santorini losing its harm after a few visits, although I’ve only been there twice (last time on a two-day trip from Crete). After you’ve absorbed the stunning scenery, especially the approach from the sea, you begin to wonder where the innate, laid-back charm went.


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