Memory Post – The Wonder of Woolies

When I was a boy the Rugby store at 30 High Street was one of my favourite shops in town.  It was big, it was bright, it was cheap and gaudy and it was like an Aladdin’s cave full of treasure.

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8 responses to “Memory Post – The Wonder of Woolies

  1. I liked Woolworths too – they all looked the same both inside and outside, as in the pictures. Perhaps the only city centre shop I do now like wandering around is Wilkinsons/Wilkos which is similar, although I’m not sure how long that will last now they are closing some. I’ll have to get my retail therapy from B&Q if that happens, and if I want to buy any of their stuff then pop along the road to Screwfix and get it a lot cheaper.


  2. It’s amazing how smells lodge in the memory, and you don’t know they’re there until something triggers them. But your words and photos instantly sprang a torrent of Woolworth’s own very special odours – not least the Pick ‘n Mix counter.


  3. Ah, the “wonder of Woolies”. They were one of my bigger and longer standing clients when building and running my business as well as being a source of great childhood memories for our generation and others, in fact even my daughter’s first (part time) employer too. In my opinion still a great shame they were allowed to go. Funnily enough given someone else’s comment above, B&Q’s owners played a significant role in killing Woolworths. But that’s another story!

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