A to Z of Windows – X is for Azure Window near Xlendi in Gozo

Our plan was to stay on board the bus and complete the route to the very far side of the island at a place called Dwejra where there is a natural rock formation called the azure window which attracts people like bees to a honey pot mostly it seems on account of the fact that it was used as a location for the TV show ‘Game of Thrones’ although I cannot confirm this because I have never watched it.

It was an interesting little stop and we clambered over the erosion scarred limestone rocks, shallow pools where nothing lived and the salt pans which was the reason why.  It was very busy so we made our way back to the shabby little ring of tourist trap shops and bars, had a beer and then on account of the number of people who might want to get on the bus made our way in good time back to the stop.

There is a rather sad postscript to this story because in a mighty storm on the morning of 7th March 2015 the stack and the arch were overcome by the wind and the surf and crashed into the sea.  Sadly the Azure Window on Gozo is no more and presumably the sightseeing bus tour will have to rearrange its itinerary.

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29 responses to “A to Z of Windows – X is for Azure Window near Xlendi in Gozo

  1. It must have been quite a storm to get rid of that stack!


  2. You did well to get this one in

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  3. I was lucky to see that in 1979 and again in 2007. It was pretty exposed there with waves crashing around even without a storm.


  4. Yes we too were lucky enough to see this shortly before its demise. There were people on top that day too.


  5. Well, I can scratch that off my list of places to see.


  6. The tour bus still took us there a few weeks later. We were very disappointed that it was no longer there. It´s now called the place where the Azure Window used to be. Still a lovely spot but…


  7. That’s Mother Nature for you! Sweeps away everything in her path when she feels like it.


  8. How clever to use this one in your windows series! It’s great that you got to see it intact.


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