Ljubljana – Bridges, Markets and Art Nouveau

There was one more morning to spend in Ljubljana and so after breakfast and check out from the Hotel Park we repeated some of our earlier sight seeing through the city.  First of all we walked through the market, which was especially busy and vibrant this morning on account of it being Saturday I guessed  The stalls were colourful and exciting and the vendors were enjoying brisk trade as the market heaved with hectic activity.

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7 responses to “Ljubljana – Bridges, Markets and Art Nouveau

  1. I have forwarded this to a friend from Sweden, whose family has a holiday home in Ljubljana. She lived with me in Adelaide in about 1994 for a year while studying ESL. Then she did an Environmental Engineering degree, and she now lives and works in London!

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  2. Looks a great place to wander around..


  3. I love the way you framed these photos.


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