Sunday Sunsets – Mont St Michel

According to legend (and the travel writer Rick Steves), the Archangel Michael told the local bishop to “build here and build high.” and added “If you build it…they will come.”

I always thought that quote came from the Kevin Costner film Field of Dreams but it seems the scriptwriters must have borrowed it because it wasn’t only Archangel Michael who said it but also President Theodore Roosevelt who used it to encourage the financial backers of the Panama Canal project.

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14 responses to “Sunday Sunsets – Mont St Michel

  1. An almost unbelievably beautiful place!


  2. What a fabulous sunset. Though from your account, this wonderful view is as much as you need. Tourist elbow matches are above my pay-grade these days.


  3. OMG Rick Stevens lol!!! oh yes MSM what of the wonders of our world even if in a small place lots of folks wants to go. The most visited spot in all of Normandy! Cheers


  4. That’s a stunning sunset shot


  5. I enjoyed your visit, but like Margaret, I won’t be hurrying there. Love the sunset though the sheep photo is brilliant ❤️ great composition.


  6. Interesting backstory on the expression.


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