Getting Nautical in the Cyclades

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32 responses to “Getting Nautical in the Cyclades

  1. “Oooh, you are nautical. But I like you.” Who said something like that?


  2. If the ship’s wheel wasn’t being used, I hope you bought it. We saw one on an antiques programme and they fetch hundreds apparently.


  3. That’s a very inviting blue door, Andrew! And I love the reflective water art.


  4. A great collection.


  5. Fine compositions, including a marvellous reflection


  6. What a great presentation of colour and texture and shape. Very good, I really loved it.


  7. And now for something completely different …….. I love this collection of nautical bits and pieces and they are so well arranged. Truly, a feast for the eyes.


  8. Great set of images!


  9. This is absolute God’s truth, I guarantee. For a while I worked for the company which operated the marina on the Great Ouse in Bedford. The guy that ran the chandlery department, including all the kind of stuff in your photos, together with safety equipment and everything else nautical, was named……Will Drown.

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  10. A fab collection – especially the mermaid


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