From The Archives – The Spalding Flower Parade

The history of the Spalding Flower Parade stretches back to the 1920s when the acreage and variety of tulip bulbs grown throughout the area surrounding the market town became an annual feast of colour.

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21 responses to “From The Archives – The Spalding Flower Parade

  1. I know they are beautiful but for some reason I feel that they drop their petals rather quickly; I haven’t ever been a real fan.

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  2. Bright and cheerful!

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  3. Lovely, but I couldn’t seem to open the link to the full story this time …

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  4. Well, the good news is … I didn’t get bored looking at your lovely flower photo’s 😉.

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  5. Never been to Spalding!

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  6. Lovely tulips Andrew, my favourite spring bulb and you must be a fan if these are from your garden.

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