Sunday Sunset – The Field

This is the field opposite the house where we live. It is not a great picture, I was panicing and in a hurry and I snatched it before it was gone but it is a great burning sunset…

29 responses to “Sunday Sunset – The Field

  1. A good sunset is always worth catching.

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  2. A beautiful photograph. Well done!

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  3. Well worth snatching


  4. worth it and it looks like the tree is cradling it in its arms

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  5. Wow! A great shot. It’s almost surreal.

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  6. It’s a wonderful photo!

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  7. Another hot one today! Hope you enjoyed your walk to Albufeira.

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  8. Well, you got a good sunset

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  9. It must have been stunning to see ‘in the flesh’, Andrew. The right place at the right time, for sure.

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  10. It’s always special to have place at home where you can escape and enjoy the beauty of a sunset and other natural phenomena, Andrew. You have featured your field before. Always a treat. Peggy and I have now been on the road for over a month and are beginning to settle into our new lifestyle. So far we have been to Death Valley, Zion and Bryce, making a point of exploring parts of the parks that we haven’t been to before. Incredible beauty and few tourists. You would love it. –Curt

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