A to Z of Cathedrals – H is for Heidelberg in Germany

I was struggling with H until I suddenly remembered that ten years ago I visited the German Rhine town of Heidelberg.  I don’t remember visiting the Cathedral, I don’t think that I did but I did take a picture of it.  It was one of those bright white days which makes taking pictures with a cheap camera quite difficult.

Last time out I was in Freiburg that was needlessly destroyed by Allied bombing raids in World war Two.   Heidelberg avoided the same unfortunate fate, it is said because the US army rather liked the look of it and fancied setting up shop there and instructed Bomber Harris to keep it off the list of targets that were elsewhere unnecessarily destroyed.

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18 responses to “A to Z of Cathedrals – H is for Heidelberg in Germany

  1. That’s a nice gallery and it looks like my kind of place, Andrew. Hope you’ve enjoyed your week here, despite your limitations. No complaints about the weather, anyway! Safe journey home! My Bom Jesus post is up when you have time for a catch up. Love to Kim!


  2. Heidelberg is rather charming.

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  3. Ah, Heidelberg…went many moons ago, and all I (dimly) recall is the castle


  4. Heidelberg is a great walking town. Friends visiting me from Paris and I took the little train from Kaiserslautern (where I was stationed in the US Army) to Heidelberg and, later in the day, the Deutsche Weinstrasse. We climbed the hill to Schloss Heidelberg, had lunch in a semi-posh restaurant, then headed to the Deutsche Weinstrasse to sample wines in Deidesheim before we headed back to Kaiserslautern. Waiting for the train to Kaiserslautern, we opened one of the bottles of Reisling we bought at one of the vintner’s and drank it cowboy style (from the bottle, passed around, I’m ashamed to say!) LOL!) to wash down cookies we bought at a local Bäckerei. It was a pleasantly satisfying day, though we had too little time to do all the things we planned. We ended the day at zum Bitburger, a Kaiserslautern restaurant close to my apartment on Beethovenstrasse. There, my friend Ralph and I had a Bitburger Pils in a Stiefel (boot-shaped glass) that must have been several liters because we had to look around them to talk with each other. The German patrons watched us closely to see if we would drink the whole things in one try, but were discouraged when we failed to follow the ritual (or drink the wrong way and get sloshed in beer!) because, frankly, there was no human way to do it. I think we drank them in the correct way by accident and I only learned the ritual later. As you can tell, Heidelberg evokes some pleasant memories. It was the first place I went to (Campbell Barracks) when I arrived in Germany before my ride to my company in Kaiserslautern came for me. I had a few days in Heidelberg to explore and try out my poor German on Germans.


  5. Glad it was saved. Brings to mind the destruction of Ukraine


  6. Looks good. John has been here (on business); I haven’t, but would like to visit.


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