A to Z of Cathedrals – I is for Reykjavik in Iceland

I is another difficult letter in the A to Z .  It might be considered cheating but I am choosing Hallgrímskirkja Cathedral in Iceland…

As the sky was so clear and we could guarantee excellent views we returned now to Hallgrímskirkja, the Lutheran Cathedral and the tallest building in the city which took nearly forty years to build and was consecrated in 1986.  The design is said to be based on a geyser plume or a lava flow but if you ask me it looks more like a space shuttle about to blast off  but it is nice enough inside and the signature piece is a twenty-five tonne organ with 5,275 pipes and someone was in there this morning practising on it.

Our main purpose for visiting the cathedral however was not to visit the interior but to take the lift to the observation tower at the top of the seventy-three metre tall tower.  It cost 700 krona (about £3) and it was worth every one because from the top there were glorious uninterrupted views in all directions, to the sea in the west, the glaciers in the north, the islands in the south and the ragged coastline to the east and we stayed at the top for several minutes enjoying the views.



16 responses to “A to Z of Cathedrals – I is for Reykjavik in Iceland

  1. That’s a very different looking cathedral. I won’t mention that you’ve stretched the A-Z theme a little there seeing as I’ve already said “game over”! Like you, I’m a bit of an alphabet freak. I have an A-Z of everywhere Michaela & I have stayed overnight on our travels, and of 167 places, only 4 start in “I”, so I’ll let you off anyway!


  2. It’s not cheating. It’s called “Blog poster’s licence”. If you took any photographs at the top, I’d love to see them.


  3. And even then I hit the wrong key – I meant 3, not 4…

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  4. We’ll let you off, Andrew!


  5. I hope you enjoyed Iceland as much as we did.


  6. That’s an acceptable cheat


  7. Your blog, your rules – seems fair to me!


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