A to Z of Cathedrals – J is for Riga near Jurmala

I am really cheating with this one.  I feel like Boris Johnson.  If I was an MP I would be obliged to report myself to the Parliamentary Standards Board.  Johnson won’t so neither will I.

For my At o Z  of Cathedrals no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t find a a J.

This is the Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Riga.  Jurmala is about ten miles away.  In my defence I have been to Jurmala and I honestly didn’t realise that it wasn’t in Riga.  Just like Johnson didn’t realise that he had been to a party.  I have posted this in all good faith.

The Nativity of Christ Cathedral in Riga is a magnificent and impressive building that sits between the old town and the new and was built in a Neo-Byzantine style between 1876 and 1883 at a time when Latvia was part of the Russian Empire.  It was the largest Orthodox cathedral in the Baltic provinces.

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18 responses to “A to Z of Cathedrals – J is for Riga near Jurmala

  1. Haha okay Andrew, you’re excused as it was a great excuse and wonderful photo

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  2. Oh those Baltics , I take a break from there for now and never been do not think will…Cheers

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  3. Well you did warn us

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  4. It does look a magnificent cathedral, but you are naughty!

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  5. Nah, Uncle Boris would simply have blamed it on a “miscommunication” and they hadn’t meant to say that Riga started in J, and will “learn from the mistake”. Anyway, I have indeed been to both Riga and Jurmala (I think we’ve compared notes on that before), and my “stayed overnight” list only has a single J on it, and there definitely wasn’t a cathedral there!

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    • Boris could wriggle through the eye of a needle.

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      • I have this mental image of the No 10 staff working a long day, slaving over the COVID lockdown rules, debating wording of documents and eventually, at the end of a long day, sleeves rolled up and brows mopped, the rules and regulations paper is finally complete, with lockdown instructions to the public finally ready to release. Boris leans back in his chair and looks around his team. “Anyone fancy a pint?”, he says.

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  6. Gotta agree with Alison (above) on this one

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  7. You are forgiven!

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  8. Where you went wrong when comparing yourself to BJ is not to have started off by insisting that that Riga begins with a J, then switched to you didn’t realise Riga did not begin with a J and nobody had told you. Then point out that if the alphabet rules are fully investigated, the difference between J and R will be seen to be negligible. Then get your friends to say that people should have better things to worry about than alphabets.

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  9. Nice try! Fortunately we are all very forgiving.

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