The Fear of Dogs

Yesterday I raised the subject of fear of dogs.  It is called cynophobia.

I don’t like dogs because I see no redeeming features in them. They sweat, they are greasy, they smell, they have bad breath, they shit on the pavements and they urinate up my garden wall.  What is there possibly to like about them?  If I was Prime Minister I would have them all rounded up and destroyed!

And I have to say that I agree with Bill Bryson:

“It wouldn’t bother me in the least…if all the dogs in the world were placed in a sack and taken to some distant island… where they could romp around and sniff each other’s anuses to their hearts’ content and never bother or terrorise me again.” 

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8 responses to “The Fear of Dogs

  1. I’ve never had a dog (had lots of cats) but don’t really share your fear or intense dislike. Never had one because they just seem too much of a tie to me.


  2. So as I mentioned yesterday, John has now joined your number. He was never very keen and now he feels absolutely (and rightly) justified.

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  3. I’ve had dogs all my life. However, none have been allowed in the bedrooms and on sofas. Though that comment is probably irrelevant!
    I understand your dislike and fear of dogs and I respect this.
    Had I been bitten as a child and stood on by an Alsatian (we had two) such a friendly pair 😂. I think I would have felt exactly the same as you.


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