Space Quiz – the Answers

1  How many men have walked on the Moon?

12 (allegedly)

2 Who was the third person to walk on the Moon?

  Charles Pete Conrad (allegedly)

3 How many orbits of the Earth did Yuri Gagarin complete in 1961?

  Just the 1 (allegedly)

4 In what year did Leicester City win the Premier League Title?

2016  (confirmed)

5  James T Kirk.  What does the T stand for?



18 responses to “Space Quiz – the Answers

  1. I can remember watching live walks on the moon, many, many years ago. I even heard the astronaut say to his colleague one of the iconic sentences of the UFO world, which was “Now I know there is a Santa Claus”, “Santa Claus being among the astronauts themselves the code word for an alien. The moon walk took place around December 10th, and supposedly they came across a UFO on the edge of a crater, which they watched for quite a while, but were not allowed to report. How times have changed!


  2. Oh, I’m rubbish. I only got number 3 right. Though there was never any hope for 4 and 5..


  3. I went to univ and lived near the big one at Cape Canaveral, on those days we went there to party and now, not really into it anymore…..


  4. I was coming back from my first ever backpacking trip in 1969, Andrew. I had gone up to the Canadian Rockies and it rained every day. As a result, I decided to return to the more favorable weather of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. On my way back, I had stopped at a Denny’s restaurant in Redding California for lunch. Just as I walked in, man was taking his first step on the moon. I knew it was supposed to happen but didn’t have a clue exactly when. Talk about thrilling. –Curt


  5. I only knew the answer to James T Kirk. I hardly watched it though, so a bit of nonsense stored for a trivia quiz, goodness knows how!


  6. I only knew #5. I never do well in these things, especially if there are any sports questions that don’t involve hockey. Fun though.


  7. Comment coming up shortly on a different post!


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