A to Z of Cathedrals – Z is for Zadar in Croatia

My A to Z of Cathedrals finishes today with Z for Zadar in Croatia…

We flew to Zadar because the air fares were absurdly cheap, our plan was to drive south so we didn’t stay long which in retrospect was rather rude.

Zadar was pleasant but the weather was poor and a couple of hours were just enough to see all of the things that needed to be seen.  In the centre were the ruins of the old Roman Forum and just as in Pula the previous year old bits of Roman buildings, columns and artefacts were strewn about the main square and the adjacent streets and there was an area of what looked like very important excavation work that was completely accessible to the public to go and make their own important archaeological discoveries.

19 responses to “A to Z of Cathedrals – Z is for Zadar in Croatia

  1. Well done
    What’s next?


  2. If you ever get a chance to have a go on an archaeological dig, take it! It’s a fantastic feeling about what you’re going to find as you scratch away at the surface.


  3. Looking forward to your next A to Z, Andrew!


  4. It looks a place well worth a few hours of anyone’s time. And there was me thinking you were bound to choose Zaragoza!


  5. My favorite among the photos ,Andrew, was the guy with horns. I would guess a satyr? –Curt


  6. I do like a good rosary window. Let me guess…..A-Z of beer brands around the world……


  7. Good series! And hardly any cheating required. Looking forward to the next A-Z.


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