Geography Quiz – The Answers

1  What is the most northerly capital city in the World?

Reykjavik in Iceland

2  What is the most southerly capital city in the World?

Wellington in New Zealand

3  Which country is regarded as the centre of the Earth?


4  What is the Highest capital city in the World?

La Paz in Bolivia

5  What is the Lowest capital city in the World?

Baku in Ajerbaijan

6  Which country is closest to the South Pole?


7  Which country is closest to the Moon?


To be fair, Mt. Everest is one of the highest points on Earth, with its peak ascending to an altitude of 29,029 ftabove sea level. However, due to its location within the Himalayan Mountain Chain in Nepal, some 27° and 59 minutes north of the equator, it is actually lower than mountains located in Ecuador.

8  Which is the most easterly US state?


The Aleutian Islands are in the Eastern Hemisphere


10 responses to “Geography Quiz – The Answers

  1. Well, I got just one out of ten, but I don’t understand how Alaska is the most easterly state? Google says “Maine” with West Quoddy Head. It adds that the westernmost point of the US is Cape Wrangell on Attu Island, one of the Aleutians, which are all part of Alaska.


  2. I got 1 and 2 right. I was also confused by your answer to 8 until I read your explanation. But where does that leave Hawaii?


  3. I got (only) nr.2 right … and then I always claimed that geography was one of my favourite subjects in secondary school 😉. Thanks, it was very interesting!


  4. Not telling you my score …

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  5. I didn’t do so well… but I did learn quite a bit!

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  6. Thanks for the geography lesson, Andrew. I missed your first post and was therefore able to cheat. 🙂

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