East Yorkshire – Ducks and Puffins

We arrived at Skipsea Sands Holiday Park at the scheduled time of four o’clock, located our accommodation and began to unload the car.

Within seconds a family of ducks arrived at the caravan door.

These birds must be really smart, they know that four o’clock on Monday is new arrivals time and they hung around looking for food.  I imagine mother duck gets the baby ducks ready, tells them to look cute and do a bit of begging and they will be set for the week,

We didn’t have any suitable duck food (bread is not good for them apparently) so we had no offerings.  Five minutes later a car pulled up opposite and started to unload and they waddled off to try their luck there instead.  In five days we never saw them again.

Which brings me to Puffins.

Every summer Puffins arrive for the breeding season at nearby Bempton Cliffs and this year some bright spark at the Yorkshire Tourist Board came up with the idea of a Puffin trail in Hull and East Riding.

There are forty-three of them but we only found six…

I can only imagine it is quite a chore to try and find all forty-three, rather like searching for the Holy Grail.

Later a family arrived at the next door caravan, they moved in with what seemed enough supplies to last a whole month and an inflatable paddling pool.  After they went out some aquatic birds arrived and in view of the hot weather and the adjacent  dry stream were more (t)hen happy to jump in…

After evening meal we went for a walk along  the coastal path…

… and reflected on a very, very good day.

33 responses to “East Yorkshire – Ducks and Puffins

  1. were you puffin’ at the end of the trail walk?

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  2. Those puffins are wonderful
    I’ve been on art trail walks before and can never find all that’s listed!
    Lovely blue skies and looks like a very relaxing holiday


  3. After a great day like that, it’s easy to wonder why we bother going abroad. But I’m sure we’ll all persist!

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  4. I love that the birds used your neighbour’s paddling pool to cool off. Presumably this was during the UK heatwave.

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  5. England’s green and pleasant land, Andrew. I find some of those puffins hideous but somebody’s obviously gone to a lot of effort to make them. The guy in the red coat is rather fetching and I like the fisher folk idea. Meanwhile, in Corfu…. 🤗💗


  6. Another excellent post about a beautiful part of the country. The idea for a puffin trail is a really good one. Are the huge puffins made in small form to buy in the tourist shops? They would sell really well and people would want to collect all 43 for their display cabinets.


  7. And tomorrow I hope you will visit the real puffins and show us their nesting spots.


  8. Beautifully put together, Andrew


  9. It all looks rather lovely. I like those sort of trails and people go to a lot of effort painting these sculptures. I wonder if they will be auctioned off? The photo of your wife with the granddaughters(?) is beautiful.


  10. A good advert for staying in the UK, Andrew!


  11. Looks like a great place for a holiday. I love the puffins.


  12. Such varied wildlife! I do like these art trails, they can add purpose to a boring walk when trying to get one’s step count up.


  13. Puffins schmuffins is what I say. I like the bird in the paddling pool though. Very opportunist. Little did he know it was the barbecue next.


  14. Oh that is hilarious that the birds jumped into the swimming pool. I’m glad you showed us a shot of that. The puffins are wonderful and I am probably just the sort of crazy person to spend my time determined to find all 43. The photos of you and Kim with the puffins are good. It’s always nice to see the faces of the blogger people I think of as friends. 🙂


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