East Yorkshire – Hornsea and a Litter Pick

On arrival I was immediately impressed.  I live near the resort town of Cleethorpes but although it is a popular holiday resort it has to be said that it is just a muddy estuary where the sea is barely visible for long periods of the day but this was real North Sea coast with a raging sea, barnacled groynes, pounding surf, churning water and a pebble beach clattering away as it was constantly rearranged by the tidal surge.


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11 responses to “East Yorkshire – Hornsea and a Litter Pick

  1. They do say life is what you make it, Andrew. Yorkshire is a beautiful place. 🤗💗


  2. You’ve nearly sold the idea of a caravan holiday to me Andrew. But you’ve certainly done a great job recently working unpaid for the East Yorkshire Tourist Board.


  3. Well, you are enjoying your caravan holidays, Andrew! And East Yorkshire Tourist Board should be pleased! But, aaargh, why do we breed litter louts in this country?


  4. Haha… Great description of Cleethorpes! I thought this holiday was recent given the high temperatures, but see it was in 2019. Do you still go caravanning? I applaud Kim, but she could have gone off a lot worse and what if they had been staying in your caravan park? 🙄 Visions of a keyed car…


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