East Yorkshire – Skipsea Walks

I like going on holiday in England but as I get older and fuel gets more expensive I find driving tedious and frustrating.  East Yorkshire has everything I need, the roads aren’t busy and it is only fifty miles away.

I have written about it before so just pictures this time.

Click on an image to scroll through the Gallery…


25 responses to “East Yorkshire – Skipsea Walks

  1. I like that old caravan and shed.

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  2. Hmm. Suggesting that you might not finish your holiday alive may not be the best way of promoting your beloved county! Some great shots here, all the same – even the worrying ones.

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  3. Gorgeous photos


  4. A fine gallery, the first being an excellent composition among many


  5. Excellent series of photos. That cliff erosion is quite extreme!


  6. The dilapidated groynes, and the old caravan and shed….picturesque in decay


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  8. Great shots Andrew; some fella with his hands on his hips waiting for Neptune and the pretty lady with the ice cream and the hay bales and…. they are all very evocative. Loved the lot.

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  9. For most of my career my job involved a lot of driving in the UK. No longer having to do it is one of the many great things about retirement.


  10. I enjoyed this collection. Love the golden grasses – that colour always gets me. With a place so beautiful, you are not missing out by going here instead of somewhere else. ❤


  11. Wow amazing place and pictures . I want to going this place.

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  12. We took my Canadian prairie farmer dad to Yorkshire once and he loved the countryside. The picture of the hay bales could have been from his farm. We often had to stop so he could chat with the local farmers in their fields. A great memory. Your collection of photos are wonderful.


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