Corfu – Moorings, Ropes and Chains

Earlier this month I spent a week with my family in Corfu.  We stayed in the village of Kalami which is a favourite of mine and where we have stayed several times before.

I have written about Kalami before so this time I was looking for something new and came up with these mooring rings in the nearby harbour…


16 responses to “Corfu – Moorings, Ropes and Chains

  1. Very handsome. Hope you all had a good time.


  2. I like seeing those often overlooked details of daily life.


  3. They make a good subject, don’t they? No obvious thoughts regarding your email, Andrew. Will reply when I’m back in Portugal next week. 🤗💗


  4. An excellent collection


  5. A harbour is always such a rich source of photographic pickings. Great choices Andrew.


  6. Great photos and glad you had a lovely holiday


  7. Great images, glad you had a good holiday!

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