Postcards of Greek Doors

You may have noticed that I rather like taking pictures of doors, especially Greek doors.

In 1998 I visited the island of Rhodes and bought this collection of postcards…

George Meis is now a very famous Greek photographer whose work is available everywhere.  In 1998 he was just starting out and his work was restricted to postcards.

Anyway, thinking back I am certain that it was at this point that I became inspired to take pictures of doors and windows.  This is quite possibly the first door picture that I ever took on that holiday in Rhodes…

Read a story about doors here…


18 responses to “Postcards of Greek Doors

  1. Once you’re hooked on doors, there’s no going back.

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  2. Marvellously atmospheric shots.

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  3. Beautiful photographs! Magic atmosphere….

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  4. Oh, what inspiring, atmospheric images on those postcards!


  5. And what about all those wonderful wooden window shutters that you see around the Mediterranean

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  6. Those postcards are wonderful. I can see why you bought them.


  7. Wonderful images.

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  8. Doors are psychologically significant, doubly so to travellers. Apparently.


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  10. Wow, your first door photo, Andrew. I wonder how many hundreds of doors ago that was… –Curt


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