A to Z of Postcards – A is for Andalucia

My new A to Z challenge is postcards.  An  easy one  for me because I am a collector of these holiday mementos. .

I begin with Andalucia in the South of Spain.  Sometimes spelt with an s instead of a c.  I don’t know why.

In 2016 I spent a week there and stopped over in the delightful city of Antequera.

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14 responses to “A to Z of Postcards – A is for Andalucia

  1. I’ve never been Andrew but your photos make me want to go


  2. Friends were there earlier this year and it looks beautiful. I don’t know about the s and c, either. Same issues with z and c in Portuguese. Sorry, still haven’t answered you. Will look at the map NOW, but life has been a bit hectic.

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  3. I was a collector with over 4K and 76 countries then change to pictures, travel forums, and blogging left them a long time ago, stil in boxes. Of course, plenty from Andalucia! Cheers


  4. Lovely part of the world. I may be going there again very soon, as it happens. Out of interest, were you in the habit of mailing these post cards to yourself or did you simply bring them home?


  5. I LOVE Andalucia….


  6. Good wheeze! You are the king of A to Zs. I used to collect postcards, all rigorously categorised and filed as you might expect from a librarian, then lost interest and got rid of most of them. However, I now have Mum’s collection to explore.


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