A to Z of Postcards – B is for Benidorm

Sixty years ago Benidorm, although not a fishing village as such, was still a modest beach side community, a place of sailors, fishermen and farmers who patiently tended almond, olive, carob and citrus trees.  Early visitors would have looked out over a double crescent of virgin golden sand and rolling dunes that stretched out in both directions from a rocky outcrop that divided the two beaches where Benidorm castle is believed to have once stood.

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18 responses to “A to Z of Postcards – B is for Benidorm

  1. Like many fishing villages in Spain, the need to grow and jobs created tourist heavens not Spain anymore sadly. I remember those days ….


  2. I’ve never been but I always think that view of the chequered plaza is rather lovely.


  3. How it once was


    • Yesterday always passes into history. It has always been so. Progress? Maybe?

      I like to go to Greece, I hate the high speed ferries, the people who live on the islands love them. I hate the air conditioned buses,the people who live on the islands love them. I hate the modern supermarkets, the people who live on the islands love them.

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  4. Places change, some to our liking, some not, but everywhere is interesting and everywhere is worthy of a visit if only to enable us to make our own judgments. And like it or not, tourism brings wealth to places which would suffer without it. We all like different things – otherwise that dreadful all-inclusive concept wouldn’t exist!!


    • I have been All Inclusive only once, to somewhere in Turkey and I have to say that it was actually rather good.

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      • Yes they can be good I suppose…but inside one of those you aren’t really inside that country, and so miss out on essential travel experiences. But like I say, they are definitely good for some and it’s a good job we’re not all the same and all like the same things!

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      • My only time, I was called up as a reserve when my daughter and partner split up with the holiday booked. It was good for family fun and there was a village within walking distance to get some local culture.

        I don’t count this but once in Kos we spent the final two nights in a spa hotel. It was awful. The young man in the next room told me that his girlfriend had booked the holiday and he wasn’t sure where he was. Unless he was kidding me he really didn’t know that he was in Greece.

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