A to Z of Postcards – G is for Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria was formed by a volcano that grew out of the sea and continued to spew enough lava onto the surface to break through the ocean and form an island.  It is circular in shape with a mountain peak in the middle which separates the island into two distinct sectors, north and south.  Viewed from above it looks rather like a beached jellyfish.

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10 responses to “A to Z of Postcards – G is for Gran Canaria

  1. Well my favorite is Tenerife of course, my grandparents came from there paternal from Candelaria and maternal from Pajara!! Always a Guanche!! Wrote a post on it.

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  2. I’m not sure of the exact Island, but my son Sam spent his gap year in the Canaries. While there, he got his only ever international rugby cap playing for them against the `Dominican Republic; and in 2004 rowed the Atlantic from there.

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  3. Awa wonderful depiction


  4. This is my favourite of all the Canary Islands


  5. I wasn’t aware of the dunes there, and would appreciate them for the solitude compared to the touristy areas.


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