A to Z of Postcards – J is for Jackson Hole in USA


Tonight we stayed at the Painted Buffalo Inn in Jackson or more correctly Jackson Hole. which was close to the town’s main square with arches of Elk antlers and close to the shopping and restaurant areas of this busy tourist town.

Later we had buffalo steaks at the famous Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, which is a cowboy restaurant with lively entertainment, saddles for bar stools and an impressive collection of western memorabilia and cowboy theme bars.   Jackson and the Grand Tetons have been a popular western movie shoot location and includes one of my favourites – “Shane”.

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8 responses to “A to Z of Postcards – J is for Jackson Hole in USA

  1. ‘Been there . . . but not the bar (as a rule, I avoid bars).


  2. It was good to re-visit this lively post. I’ve still not been to that part of the world…


  3. It’s a pretty town and I remember those antlers! ha ha! I have never seen a bar with saddles for stools though, which would have been worth a visit for sure.


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