A to Z of Postcards – P is for Puglia in Italy

“Evidently, the God of the Jews didn’t know Puglia, otherwise he wouldn’t have given his people Palestine as the Promised Land.”                                            Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Puglia (1194 to 1250 AD).

We had travelled to Italy before, to Pisa and Tuscany, Naples and Sorrento, the islands of Sardinia and SicilyRome of course, to Venice and the Veneto and the EPCOT World Showcase, but we had never before visited the far south east, the heel of the boot.

Not a postcard but a Tea Towel that I spotted in a tourist shop…

Despite almost being put off by the guide books we liked the city of Bari with its mazy old town and eclectic night life and one thing I would say to anyone thinking of going to Puglia then do not miss out the capital city of the region and don’t be scared off by the reviews.

The food was wonderful and although we didn’t have time to try all of the two hundred varieties of pasta I am certain that they would all be just as delicious as those that we managed to sample – the sea food pastas were especially good.  We also liked the pizzas and I have to confess that my favourite meal was the horse meat stew in Lecce but please do not tell my granddaughters.

A postcard souvenir of our travels in Puglia…

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18 responses to “A to Z of Postcards – P is for Puglia in Italy

  1. Yes we loved our time in Puglia too, including Bari. Have enjoyed horse meat every time I’ve eaten it, the best being on Sardinia, in Alghero.

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  2. Our family best friends and cousins married to them in NJ are from Bari Italia! A spot to visit eventually.

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  3. Still chuckling at the robbing taxi drivers comparison with Ryanair prices…


  4. A fine gallery. Was the row of men one of Kim’s

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  5. In Puglia, I visited Alberobello, Ostuni and Lecce….but not Bari. Missed a trick, it seems


  6. I have two Italian friends who come from Puglia and both are divine cooks. Some doors worthy of Thursday Doors there.

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  7. Some gorgeous doors here Andrew.


  8. It looks worth a visit (as if anywhere in Italy isn’t). The cone roofs and the pasta with mussels especially appealing.


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