A to Z of Postcards – Q is for Quebec

A real cheat this one.  To my knowledge I have never been anywhere that begins with Q, I have never been Canada so have never been to Quebec.  My son has however on his round the world gap year and he brought me back this postcard as a souvenir (and many others).

As you know, I generally like to redirect readers to a post….

Read my Quebec story Here…

As it happens there is a village called Quebec in County Durham in the UK. T he village takes its unusual name from the  Canadian city.  The fields in the area were enclosed in 1759, the year Quebec was captured from France. It was common at the time for fields distant from their home farm to be given the names of foreign lands, and cases where these names have come to be applied to whole villages are numerous throughout the North East of England.  Not far from Quebec away is the village of  Toronto.

27 responses to “A to Z of Postcards – Q is for Quebec

  1. Perfectly acceptable


  2. My Grandad, Will, was in Montreal before the First World War. He always wanted to stay at the Chateau Frontenac but never had the money, even for one night.


  3. Live and learn, Andrew. I feel sure I should have come across these villages.


  4. You’ve done well. You’ve given us three versions of a Quebec story. I call that good value.

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  5. Ah the elusive Q. The only Q place on our all-time overnight stay list is Quepos, Costa Rica. I hadn’t heard of the two villages in Co Durham though, I have to admit.


  6. Well, I suppose we can let you get away with this….


  7. I didn’t know there was a Quebec in County Durham! We have a Moscow in Ayrshire, though blink and you’d miss it. Q places I can think of that I have been are Quimper and Quiberon, both Brittany, and Quito in Ecuador.


  8. Excellent story about Wolfe. (PS, Didn’t your son go to Queensland?)


  9. Well played. I liked the information about General Wolfe as he came up the St. Lawrence. I have not been to Quebec, but oh, so close, since I’ve been on the St. Lawrence on a boat, and in Montreal. Interesting to hear that there is a Quebec in the UK with Toronto nearby!


  10. Am Canadian and had no idea about a village of Quebec or Toronto in the UK. Really interesting since so many of our towns have British names and to discover that there are actually towns named after places in the colonies. Thanks 😊


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