Portugal – Doors and Windows of Ericeira

Ericeira is a very fine town with some interesting doors…

25 responses to “Portugal – Doors and Windows of Ericeira

  1. You have a duplicate . . . or they are twins.


  2. Another fine set. I see you have removed the duplicate. You once pointed out one of mine to me.


  3. And you have a Monday washing line!


  4. Those are delightful Andrew


  5. Handsome indeed, and with added washing too.


  6. These doors are great, and I even like the fake window with its occupant. 🙂


  7. Interesting photographs! You gave me an idea to watch for those doors when I get to Portugal!


  8. How delightful. There is a personality behind each door.


  9. My thoughts, like Crystal’s, immediately went to the cat, Andrew. BTW, her 17 year old cat, Racecar, was sitting in my lap last week obviously enjoying a good scratch. Peggy and I had stopped by to visit as part of our four month journey around North America. –Curt


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