A to Z of Postcards – R is for Richmond in Yorkshire

The next morning we debated what to do.  The majority decision was to visit a nearby attraction called ‘The Forbidden Corner’  but due to bureaucratic planning restrictions tickets could only be bought on-line and without communications at the cottage this had been quite  impossible.

We drove there anyway and at the entrance they confirmed that entrance was only by advance booking so we took a bagged a spot later in the week and drove off to look for something else to do.

The children thought they might like to visit the chocolate factory in nearby Leyburn and even though all of the signs seemed to suggest that it was open it was in fact closed so we had an empty car park to ourselves to debate what to do.

We decided to go to the town of Richmond.

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15 responses to “A to Z of Postcards – R is for Richmond in Yorkshire

  1. Has William maintained his interest in matters historical?

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  2. You’ve reminded me that it’s a while since I’ve been to Richmond. Places all but next door always slip to the bottom of the list. You might change your mind about cows if you read this: Taking Stock: A Journey Among Cows by Roger Morgan-Grenville. Seriously, it’s a Right Good Read about the history of the cow in society.


  3. Always intend to visit Richmond. It’s almost on my doorstep! Every time I drive up the A1 I tell myself that one of these days I’ll turn off instead of driving past. I’ve heard many good things about the castle.
    I enjoyed seeing the grandchildren looking so small six years ago, and I’m glad William still enjoys castles!


  4. And guess what: We also have a Richmond here in SA (it’s a well-known town because Prof Chris Barnard, heart transplant pioneer, lived on a farm close to Richmond). Oh, but after I googled … I realised there are actually 5 towns called Richmond in SA! I did not know that! You just gave me a history lesson without knowing it!


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