A to Z of Postcards – S is for Sorrento in Italy

Sant’ Agnello itself is a completely separate municipal commune from what is strictly speaking the town of Sorrento and walking the other way was another separate municipality of Piano di Sorrento, which was a working fishing village without the trappings of modern tourism.

The famous Victorian poet Robert Browning, who, it is said, adored Italy lived in this area and mentioned the countryside of Piano and other localities of the Sorrentine peninsula in his poem ‘The Englishman in Italy.

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15 responses to “A to Z of Postcards – S is for Sorrento in Italy

  1. I dislike taxes as well….but to say we are overtaxed is baffling…..how can people like Bezos acquire billions if he is so taxed heavily? Just asking. chuq

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  2. Ah now you are going deep into the vault of memories lol! I had my best pizza from folks from Sorrento in New Jersey !! Cheers

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  3. How lucky to spend time in a working fishing village before it became yet another yachting playground.

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  4. Great variety of shots

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  5. I like your custom postcard.

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  6. Ah really nice blog post. I have a travel guide coming on in january on Sorrento. Thanks for sharing


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