Portugal – The Streets of Lisbon

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20 responses to “Portugal – The Streets of Lisbon

  1. Some of these are familiar.


  2. The sardine cans had me puzzled until I saw the caption.


  3. I really like the first one.


  4. Wonderful gallery


  5. Pretty pictures of a pretty city! thanks for the memories! Cheers


  6. A fabulous set of postcards, and I’m glad a few are recycled: worth seeing more than once.


  7. A good set worth recycling

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  8. Great colourful round up of a great city.


  9. I like the fado street art and those side by side stools.


  10. I think I have to favour the close-up of the tram with the flaking yellow paint of the walls so close by. A brilliant shot.


  11. I just love the two shots with the yellow train and yellow wall, and the blue train with the blue wall. So much to see in the streets of Lisbon.


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