Portugal – Doors, Windows and Balconies of Setubal

Setubal has an affluent air, the fourth biggest port in Portugal, a busy modern (redeveloped)  city centre  and a harbour full of swanky boats.  I became concerned that it was rather like Cascais which I did’t care for at all but a bit of probing into the streets beyond the centre really paid off.

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27 responses to “Portugal – Doors, Windows and Balconies of Setubal

  1. Beautiful photos Andrew. I like the lady in blue tiles.


  2. Yes, I particularly liked the lady in the blue tiles, too.


  3. A great variety you got here Andrew! The lady in blue is beautiful!


  4. You and Jo between you have absolutely persuaded me that this is a town to visit.


  5. Unique azulejos between doors but they are in dismal condition!


  6. And you even got some balconies in


  7. You had a very fruitful time in those back alleys, Andrew!


  8. Although these are attractive to photographers you have to wonder why so many are in such poor condition. Is it people are too poor to maintain their property, not bothered, in dispute with the landlord? I hate to think what some of them are like inside.


  9. Very nice- thank you.


  10. Beautiful door collection.


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