A to Z of Postcards – U is for Umbria in Italy

I live in England and I am a citizen of the United Kingdom of course but…

…I am really struggling with the letter U.  I have never been to Ukraine or Uzbekistan or Uruguay and doubt that I ever will,  I have never been to Uganda or the United Arab Emirates and also doubt that I ever will.

I have overdone Castro Udiales in Spain having used it three times already in my A to Zs.  So I am going to cheat here.  I am not sure if I have ever been to Umbria in Italy but I have half a thought that I have passed through it on a train journey.

The nearest place to Umbria that I have visited is the city of Siena in neighbouring Tuscany.

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15 responses to “A to Z of Postcards – U is for Umbria in Italy

  1. . . . it all looks the same; they’ll never know . . .


  2. I couldn’t even come up with a “U” for England, unless you accept Upper Broughton which is near Rutland Water. And I suppose, any other “Upper ………… “


  3. Ulverston- why not? I bought a glass umbrella there once, but have since smashed the stalk off! Not like you to cheat, Andrew- ha! ha! -but I enjoyed the Siena tale.


  4. Silly me- I meant mushroom! Got the u in the wrong place.

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  5. I’ll accept passing through as legit.


  6. Ullswater in the Lakes?


  7. Loved Siena and am very keen to return one day. In my long list of places we’ve stayed at least one night (outside of GB), the only “U” is Udzungwa, Tanzania. Although we’ve also visited Upuvelhi, Sri Lanka. Back home, I regularly visited Uddingston through work (Alfred McAlpine’s HQ) and once stayed overnight in the delightfully named Upper Dicker, which is in Sussex.


  8. Upton-upon-Severn in Worcestershire? Or Ullapool way up in Scotland. The nearest U to me is Uffculme in Devon and no I haven’t been there.


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