A to Z of Postcards – V is for Valladolid in Spain

“The celebrated plateresque façades of Valladolid strike me as being, when one has recovered from the riotous shock of them, actually edible.”    –   Jan Morris – ‘Spain’

Valladolid is a very crimson city, the reddest that I have ever seen, a sprawling industrial metropolis, the capital of Castilla y León, the tenth largest city in Spain but with its medieval heart ripped out and trodden under foot in the post civil war industrial boom and it does not feature on many tourist itineraries.

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9 responses to “A to Z of Postcards – V is for Valladolid in Spain

  1. Thanks for the memories Valladolid is an underrated city that should be visit more.


  2. Just for once, you haven’t made me think – ‘What a shame we haven’t ben there’.


  3. Which ought to be enough to have me scurrying there. We’ll see …

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  4. Fine description and interesting history. You obviously survived the bombshell


  5. Yes that is very red indeed. I really liked the “other” Valladolid so I should target this one too.


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