A to Z of postcards – X is for Eixample in Barcelona

The modern parts of Barcelona are a triumph of urban planning.  We were staying in the Eixample district which was planned and built about one hundred and fifty years ago by a man called Ildefons Cerdà and is characterized by long straight streets, a strict grid pattern crossed by wide avenues and square blocks with chamfered corners all of which means that the traffic always flows freely in a slick one-way system and it is easy to navigate on foot.

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14 responses to “A to Z of postcards – X is for Eixample in Barcelona

  1. That is where I stayed Eixample each time with family, nice memories thanks.


  2. I seem to have missed this first time around. Poor Eulalia! The story might not be completely true, but those horrible tortures did happen so she probably suffered some of them.


  3. I have to agree about cathedrals, they do all become much of a muchness. Concentrating on the saints is a good idea.


  4. No! Is that postcard really an aerial view of city blocks? It’s astounding.


  5. It sounds as though you got a lot from your visit. My daughter’s been living there, or thereabouts for 10 years now, so we know the city, and the non-touristy bits well. You’d think it would have made us smarter, but we’ve been robbed .. twice …


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