A to Z of Postcards – Y is for Yorkshire

25 responses to “A to Z of Postcards – Y is for Yorkshire

  1. The monks are good but Staithes possibly takes first prize, just.


  2. Love the sheep, Andrew. Both sets! It’s a bonny place, Yorkshire.


  3. Ahh did I tell you about Yorkshire? I played football/Soccer in FL USA with a guy from there and each he finished talking we ask him to repeat in English ::)

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  4. Super selection, Andrew.


  5. Nay lad, in’t that grand? Nobbut just.


  6. Beverley and Staithes are my favourites. Reminds me of the style of the old railway posters.


  7. Staithes, the monks and the sheep are fabulous. Tell me, do you just collect postcards or do you actually send any? I used to send the to my grandchildren when they were young, they loved getting real mail! And any advice as to where to use as a base for touring the county? I’m thinking of maybe a week in the west close to the Lakes, and a week in the east, maybe Helmsley area.


  8. Lots of great places


  9. I like the last one the best . . . it reminds me of an AI Art Creation.


  10. They make the place look very attractive.


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