Sicily – Papyrus

Apparently the only place it grows in Europe,  Who knows?


16 responses to “Sicily – Papyrus

  1. Well, according to “The city of Syracuse has many peculiarities that make it unique. One of the most curious is certainly the link that this Sicilian city has with the papyrus. Syracuse is in fact the only European city where papyrus, a shrub typical of the banks of the Nile, grows in abundance.” So, maybe it grows elsewhere but not in abundance. It’s even grown in Oz, but just as a garden and pond plant.

    I am very glad not to be involved in making papyrus, it sounds like hard work!

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  2. I wonder why Sicily / Syracuse are the only places in Europe for this plant. Does anybody know?


  3. love the top shot and i had no idea papyrus only growing in one place there


  4. Is papyrus still made? If only for the tourist trade?


  5. It needs boggy conditions and hates frost. I imagine it can grow in other places in Europe.


  6. There is a papyrus that grows in Mexico, Andrew. I looking across our room now at an art piece made of papyrus that we bought in Puerto Vallarta. Its paper like qualities are easy to see. I should be seeing it growing along the Nile in a few weeks. –Curt

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