Sicily – Saints of Ortigia

After Malta, Romania, Cyprus and Greece, Italy is the 5th most religious country in Europe and within Italy itself belief is strongest in the South.  Approximately 74% of the Italian population identifies as Catholic. Italy has 225 dioceses and archdioceses, more than any other country in the world with the exception of Brazil.  Least religious in Europe is the Czech Republic and then all of the Scandinavian countries and France.

21 responses to “Sicily – Saints of Ortigia

  1. I wonder where Russia and Ukraine sit on the table? Because both of them could do with a little divine intervention.

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  2. This is very interesting. I knew Malta would be high on the list, but for some reason I did not expect Romania to be there … and I thought Spain would be there as well. But I’m quite surprised to hear about France being one of the least religious countries.


  3. Saints are supposedly the remnants of the old gods who the missionary Christians gave jobs to, serving the new god, Jesus.


  4. France’s secularism surprised me. Even a Christmas card with an angel or a manger scene was not to be tolerated.


  5. After the French revolution they had no choice to bring on the Concordat (better seen at place de la Concorde in Paris) the law that gave back all properties and titles under the House of France. Religion was and is spread all over due to France many historical regions that the present republic tries to hide, in Brittany religion is very big churches are full on Sundays and signs of the Cross are all over the roads and into towns. My town has a church and five chapels all over. Just need to read the right document not the victors only. Cheers


  6. Portugal must be up there surely? Jo is always visiting religious parades. And Malta seems to have a parade somewhere every day!

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  7. I was working on photos for a post on Heidelberg yesterday, Andrew, I was surprised at how many places featured the Virgin Mary. –Curt

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  8. I always thought we were one of the lowest percentages in Europe….wrong again!

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