Saint Joan of Arc and the Risk of Cross Dressing

I interrupt my sequence of posts about my visit to Sicily with another Saint tale…

The French seem to take this ladies wearing trousers thing rather seriously and after November 1800 it was technically illegal for a woman to wear trousers in Paris without a police permit.  Just over a century ago, exceptions were introduced for women riding horses or bicycles. Otherwise, the by-law remained in force.

Read the full story here…

7 responses to “Saint Joan of Arc and the Risk of Cross Dressing

  1. This is a great re-telling of the story, which I remember from first time round. I sense that fiction may not be your thing, but others might be interested in the novel based on her life published last year: Joan, by Katherine J Chen. Recommended.


  2. IN those days countries were far in between, she was not betrayed by the French but the Burgundian state allies of the English…She is in all churches and military barracks in France as a symbol of France. One patron Saint of France and doctor of the Catholic Church. Of course that is all true after many years of study in several languages by yours truly.


  3. A strange tale indeed, Andrew. A bit skullduggery going on there. 🤔💗


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