Sicily – The Streets of Ortigia

The streets of Ortigia are a labyrinth of the unexpected and a treasure chest of discovery, something new and exciting at every twist and turn…

Click on an image to scroll through the Gallery… 

15 responses to “Sicily – The Streets of Ortigia

  1. I like the very first picture best. Is it modern or Roman?

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  2. There’s something about the stone steps and the bike that really appeals to me.

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  3. It does look beautiful, Andrew. I’ve discovered a flight from Porto to Palermo but I’m not sure that appeals 🤔💖

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  4. A fabulously eclectic and appealing gallery.

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  5. You found a lot to like about this small island. My only memory of Syracuse goes back more than 50 years when I arrived by train in the pouring rain to catch a ferry over to Malta. There could be a post in that story!

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  6. What a fun, eclectic collection, Andrew! Looks like my kind of walk. –Curt

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