Cheapskate Travel – Part One

Commenting on a recent post, a long term blogging pal of mine (who knows me so well) suggested that I am a cheapskate traveller.  I am so proud of this, it is like being nominated for an award at the Oscars, like winning an Olympic Gold Medal, like getting a mention in the New Year’s Honours List.

It reminded me of this post that I put up first in February 2014…

Complimentary Shampoo and Shower Gel…

“I still enjoy travelling a lot. I mean, it amazes me that I still get excited in hotel rooms just to see what kind of shampoo they’ve left me.”  –  Bill Bryson

Read the full story Here…

29 responses to “Cheapskate Travel – Part One

  1. In the very first year of Inter-rail, I got a month’s travel around Europe for £27 and worked out where to go with the classic book “Europe on $5 a day” ……. or was it $10?


  2. Do I take a bow here? 🤔 💕

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  3. A priceless post. Do you carry home sachets of ketchup and brown sauce from cafés?


  4. like you, I love the free amenities and look forward to discovering them each time )


  5. TBH I very rarely avail myself of the freebies unless it’s something I really like such as Diptyque or Aesop, though my other half does use all the products. Also, I only ever snaffle the sewing kits, never the toiletries. Years ago I used to stay for weeks on end at a hotel in Frankfurt which used to give its guests rather nice bone china ashtrays. One or two people may have gotten these as gifts.


  6. The little sewing kits come in handy too


  7. 2014 reloaded “… these days I take them to a homeless charity in the town and hope they come in useful somewhere. …”
    I love these stories. I’m also a bathroom soap collector. In the Orient, the small bottles are particularly attractive, but at some point the space in your luggage will run out. In Yemen I gave the stuff to the driver. He laughed out loud because there are no showers or bathrooms in his village in northern Yemen. When the cistern is empty, the women with a 20 liter canister on their heads walk 1 hour down the valley to the river and back up the hill. Humor is when you laugh anyway.

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  8. I had an inkling it had to be Jo who nominated you! It’s been a while since I stayed in a hotel and nowadays they have started using refillable bottles. There was a time though when I collected them, my granddaughters loved the miniatures.


  9. I think you are a real pro at this, Andrew!


  10. We’ll have to club together and get you a medal! A cheap one of course …


  11. Ha, I remember that post I think, Andrew. I must have been following you for a long time. Grin. –Curt


  12. Do you end up using them, though? This is quite a collection.


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