Sicily – Garibaldi in Syracuse

Garibaldi is the only wholly admirable figure in modern history.” –  A.J.P. Taylor (English Historian)

Have I mentioned before my personal challenge to find as many statues of Giuseppe Garibaldi that I can? Probably.

It is an easy sort of challenge because almost every town and city in Italy has a statue of the national hero.  It is not like trying to find the Holy Grail or discover the benefits of BREXIT.

After the creation of the Kingdom of Italy in 1861 the country worked hard at making sure that  Garibaldi would remembered in perpetuity and the number of streets, piazzas and statues named after him makes him probably the most commemorated secular figure in history.

Interestingly however in a TV poll of 20110 Il più grande italiano di tutti i tempi  (“The greatest Italian of all times”) Garibaldi didn’t even make the top ten, the top three were Leonardo da Vinci, Giuseppe Verdi and two Sicilian judges Giovanni Falcone  and Paolo Borsellino who challenged the power of the Mafia in Sicily and were murdered for their trouble.

When I visit Italy it has become a sort of challenge for me to find the statue of Garibaldi.  If I went more regularly to Germany then I am sure that I would look for statues of Otto Von Bismarck.

I was especially pleased to find this very fine example in some commemorative gardens in Ortigia.

A few years ago I wrote a post in which I speculated on whether Giuseppe Garibaldi may indeed be the most celebrated secular man ever to be recreated in statue form across the World and survived.

You can read the post here.

Other Garibaldi Statues in Italy…

24 responses to “Sicily – Garibaldi in Syracuse

  1. Nottingham Forest, of course, are still called “The Garibaldi Reds” as at that time, the early 1860s, Garibaldi was very much admired in Nottingham for his tasty new biscuit


  2. He looks very cloak and dagger in no. 8. I suppose I should go back and read about his achievements 🤔. Andrew, which area would you recommend for a short stay in Rome? I was going to email but this is quicker 🤗💖


  3. You’re a real ‘lists’ man!

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  4. A bit controversial but Termini is not in Quirinale there is a nice square and palace; the train station is in Esquilino fyi.


  5. Garibaldi was born in Nice in 1807 si we have a statue of him too.


  6. An impressive gallery


  7. He appears to be decorated by birds, Andrew. They have no respect!


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