Cheapskate Travel – Part Two

Commenting on a recent post, a long term blogging pal of mine (who knows me so well) suggested that I am a cheapskate traveller.  I am so proud of this, it is like getting the Leaping Wolf badge in the cub scouts or the elementary swimming certificate at primary school…

Moving on…

…In Cheapskate Travel Part One I took a look at complimentary shampoos and shower gels and such like in modern day hotel bathrooms.  Today I turn my attention to complimentary sachets of sauce and mayonnaise etc. in pubs and restaurants.  Some people might say that these are not complimentary or ‘freebies’ in the strictest of interpretations but I am going to include them anyway.

The sort of place that I eat out in don’t have tablecloths or silver cutlery, they don’t have salt and pepper pots or side dishes with a range of accompaniments they have little sachets of sauces and mayonnaise and all sorts of exciting little packets to experiment with.

Mostly these are made available in a big heap next to the door so whenever I go to one of these places I make sure that I get my fair share.  They really come in useful for days out and picnics and for a few days away at the caravan and stop having to cart lots of stuff around from the kitchen and the fridge.

I especially like the little jars of marmalade and jams that hotels make available for breakfast and always make sure that I take a few away with me from the dining room.

One time we stayed in a hotel in Thetford in Norfolk,  The Bell Inn, or rather we didn’t stay there because it was so bad, really, really bad, that we refused to sleep there.  Despite my complaints the hotel charged us anyway for bed and breakfast and we went elsewhere for a room only arrangement and paid again.  That really hurt I can tell you.  My wallet pocket was aching that night.

In the morning we wondered what to do about breakfast and as we had already paid for the rubbish Bell Inn in Thetford, that is the Bell Inn in Thetford in Norfolk by the way, we went back and ate as much breakfast as we possibly could and took away a bag full of marmalade and preserves which came in useful over the next few days on a caravan holiday in Kessingland in Suffolk with my grandchildren.

Every cloud…



56 responses to “Cheapskate Travel – Part Two

  1. My mother used to collect the small sachets of sugars. None of us had sugar in our tea or coffee, so she never bought any, just got out the sachets for visitors.

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  2. The Inn looks pleasant enough. I do pick up the odd sugar, and occasionally a tomato 🍅 sauce but then they tend to sit in the cupboard indefinitely. I’d feel mean about a handful 🤔

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  3. I was thinking of a short stay in Thetford. Presumably I should look beyond the Bell Inn?

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  4. I hope you recycle the empty sachets ….???

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  5. I love the little pots of jams and jellies

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  6. I knew this would come without my prod. Take a bow, Andrew

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  7. I think Cheapskate is a good description lol !

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  8. I always pick up the little jars of jam and marmalade and sachets of ketchup. My youngest grandchildren are delighted to take these precious gifts home after visiting here.
    I have no doubt that when I’m gone, the conversation will laughingly turn to Nan’s little squirrelling habit.

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  9. Does Kim stay well away from you whilst you do this raiding?

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  10. As you can probably guess, I don’t like the excess packaging any more than I do with the little shampoo bottles!

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  11. I understand that you can take the sachets of salt & pepper, but jars of jam 😁 … I will have to pay more attention to these items next time!! Or maybe the places we go to are too cheapskate and don’t offer it at their buffet breakfast 😀.

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  12. I get shampoo, conditioner, etc. from the hotels. They are great when we have guests.

    Also, sweetener. My mom always takes lots of napkins. Not sure why – it is so random.

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  13. Laughing about this one, Andrew. When we went on the river cruise up the Rhine, the dining room breakfast area was stacked with the small jars of various jams and jellies. We didn’t take any but our Christmas stocking at both of our kid’s houses had them! Whatever compunctions we may have had, they certainly didn’t.

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  14. It’s going with me is all I’m saying lol!!!!

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  16. I like these small jars. I could keep the left over ginger or garlic piece in it and keep it in refrigerator for next day!

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  17. I’ve never seen little jars of anything, and you can bet I would swipe a few. Those packets though – I keep them when I can, especially mayonnaise. They are great to take along on hikes and picnics, as you said.

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