Greek A to Ω – Α (Alpha) is for Αθήνα or Athens

The top of the Acropolis is huge but there isn’t really a lot to see, no statues, no paintings, no exhibits, but a rather barren archaeological site in the thirtieth year of its restoration with tens of thousands of pieces lying strewn in the dust and long since stripped of its treasures, a stark marble ruin surrounded by ancient brick and concrete, so once a full circuit has been completed, although it felt as though I should stay longer the truth is there is not a lot to stay around for.

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13 responses to “Greek A to Ω – Α (Alpha) is for Αθήνα or Athens

  1. And often madding crowds but you still have to go. It’s one of those places where the view of it from afar is as good as the visit itself. Love the way it dominates the cityscape

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  2. I’m no longer good at crowds at must-see locations. It’s hard to hang on to why you want to be there and experience the place when you’re there with so very many others with exactly the same thought. You’ve got some great souvenir photos here.


    • Times have changed Margaret. Low cost travel has made everywhere so much busier. Instagram is a curse. We son’t stay in big cities anymore because of the crowds so we find somewhere a few miles away and use public transport to get in and out. Especially good option for evenings when it is possible to find better local restaurants and bars.

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      • We’re on the same page here Andrew. Sound advice, and that smaller town has probably got some treasure of its own worth exploring, even if it’s just a pretty square or handsome church.


  3. That’s a rather magnificent door


  4. It’s been along time since I was there – loved Athens back in the early 1970s and the Acropolis was much quieter then.


  5. Astounding the history, Andrew. I can never quite get my head round all those Gods and myths.


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