Greek A to Ω – Γ (Gamma) is for Γεώργιος or George

At around mid morning we joined about thirty other holiday makers when we arrived at the concrete quayside opposite the hotel and were welcomed on board by George himself, a man with a big flashing smile and a flamboyant sense of humour who worked hard to get us all to enjoy ourselves before casting off and steering the brightly coloured boat with the steady rhythm of its chugging diesel engine away from Corfu, out into the Ionian Sea

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7 responses to “Greek A to Ω – Γ (Gamma) is for Γεώργιος or George

  1. Is George still piloting the boat or is it his son?


  2. By George a bit crowded little boat me think….

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  3. An experience you definitely won’t find on the cruise ships 😁. And thanks heavens for that!

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