Greek A to Ω – Z (Zeta) is for Ζορμπά or Zorba

A couple of weeks away in Greece are just not complete without going to a traditional Greek food and entertainment night and this really must include participative Greek dancing.  A real enthusiast will prepare for such an evening by purchasing a CD of Greek music to practice beforehand but this is not strictly necessary and all you really need to be able to do is to recognise the opening chords of ‘Zorba’.

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8 responses to “Greek A to Ω – Z (Zeta) is for Ζορμπά or Zorba

  1. And who on Earth wouldn’t recognise those opening chords?!

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  2. I like the movie Zorba !


  3. Definitely not my thing


  4. Your description of a real Greek night sounds like great fun! We were at a Greek birthday party long ago (here in SA, not in Greece unfortunately). We even threw some plates too – I wonder now if there was a license for that 😉 … but what a party!


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