Greek A to Ω – N (Nu) is for Νάξος or Naxos

After taking the bus into Naxos town we walked to the top of the town to find the Venetian Cathedral tour that was highly recommended in the Island hopping guidebook.  We waited around in the courtyard outside the Cathedral and not a lot seemed to be happening and we wondered if we were going to be disappointed.

Eventually an old lady in an extravagant floral blouse and with a worn out old dog for a companion ghosted in from a secret door in an adjacent room and enquired if we were there for the tour and we told her that yes we were.

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13 responses to “Greek A to Ω – N (Nu) is for Νάξος or Naxos

  1. Loved that piece, Andrew. Your rant about French and the wonderful descriptions and a sublime shot of Naxos at sunset.


  2. That second paragraph is so well written


  3. More fabulous doors


  4. Great post, excellent descriptions! I loved that image of the green door with table and chair, and of corse the Naxos sunset,,,,,


  5. never had a tour …..but it seems you enjoy it.


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