Memory Post – First Cars

My first car was two tone blue Hillman Imp which was a twenty-first birthday present but it was unreliable and would only go for about thirty miles before seriously overheating.

I only kept it for a few months and I bought my own real first car, a flame red Hillman Avenger, a top of the range specification GL 1500cc, registration WRW 366J, which featured four round headlights internal bonnet release, two-speed wipers, brushed nylon seat trim (previously never used on British cars), reclining front seats (very important of course) , hockey stick rear light cluster and a round dial dashboard with extra instrumentation.

Oh Boy, I was so proud of that car.

I have had many since of course including a blue TR7 …

… and my first company car…

… but, if I could have any of my old cars back from the scrap yard it would just have to be be my red Hillman Avenger…


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25 responses to “Memory Post – First Cars

  1. My first car was a red Hillman Imp. I got done for speeding on a motorway with it. I never repeated the offence


  2. It looks like a fun car to drive!

    My second car – also replacing a blue one! – was the first generation VW Golf (Rabbit in the USA), described as “Agate Red” by VW, but, frankly, a shocking orange color. It was lots of fun to drive but had lots of quality issues. After a lifetime of cars later – some German, most American – I returned to a seventh generation version of the car, a 2016 VW Golf SportWagen. It is a vast improvement over the 1975 VW Golf, and, as a station wagon, much more useful. Oh yes, it handles like a sports car, though I have to remind myself that I am a grandfatherly age now and need to lighten up on the gas pedal! I use cruise control all the time to keep from soiling my record of never getting a traffic ticket.

    I enjoyed seeing your cars and reading about them. Cars are such an impractical thing, costing tons of money for upkeep, insurance, gasoline, yet they represent freedom at a certain age, a way to entice girls (LOL!) when one is a young man, and a convenience from the hassles of public transportation. Besides, get the right “ride” and one just looks cool standing next to it. Can anyone say anything else about you standing next to your red Avenger? I think not!


  3. A great post, full of memories. We had a car during part of my childhood. I can remember the reg. number, it was so distinctive (11AXV). Astonishingly, I saw it affixed to a different car only the other year, in London.


  4. My first car was a loaner from my Dad when I was 17 a Ford LTD that looked more like a boat than a car. My first own car was a Fiat 131 dashing turn heads on the beach…and then more until finally settle on the Ford line and never change again still a Ford unique the only one thank you Mr Ford.


  5. Why is it that we all remember our first car with such affection? They were usually crappy unreliable old bangers yet they have a romanticised slot in our memory. White Mark II Ford Cortina, since you ask (I know you didn’t!), YYX17H. Why do we all remember the reg number too!??


  6. I think my OH’s first car was an Imp too which died on a trip from University back home. It took me a while to learn to drive and consequently my first car was a Mercedes C class (company car). But my favourite car has been my Smart.


  7. Hillman Avenger! Oh dear!


  8. My first car was a Sunbeam Talbot convertible. My dad bought it for me after I got knocked off my motor scooter. It was made with substandard post war steel.


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