National Baguette Day (USA)

An interesting one this one, a French baguette is way off being the most popular bread in the USA  but they still give it a celebration day.  Bread in the USA has a lot of sugar (insane amounts of sugar) and preservatives (insane amounts of preservatives)  but a traditional French baguette will only last about a day before it goes stale and hard and needs to go in the bin.

Some say Napoleon Bonaparte created the French baguette to allow soldiers to more easily carry bread with them. Since the round shape of other breads took up a lot of space, Bonaparte requested they be made into the skinny stick shape with specific measurements to slide into the soldiers’ uniform.

Maybe true, maybe not…

Read the full story Here…


8 responses to “National Baguette Day (USA)

  1. I can’t really recall eating bread in America, Andrew, but I suppose I must have done. Can’t have been memorable.


  2. Unesco world heritage inmaterial the baguette ! and yes Napoleon always thought for the army….


  3. I just came back from the shop with a fresh baguette – not knowing it was this bread’s national day! McDonalds … I don’t know if there is one near where we live now (and I’d like to keep it that way)!


  4. Short of enjoying the many bread varieties Germans bake, a baguette is something to celebrate! Yum!


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