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Cory Environmental and Onyx UK – The Chronicles of Waste

When I say waste management to be more accurate I suppose I should say waste mismanagement because the two companies that I worked for were completely hopeless. Continue reading

Onyx UK and the Dog Poo Solution

“I can recall being in Paris and being so impressed with Jacques Chirac’s team of motorcycle cleaners (moto-crottes, dubbed the “Chiraclettes”). These guys looked like people from Outer Space in their near-luminous green overalls, and their motorbikes contained vacuum cleaners … Continue reading

European Capital of Culture 1991 – Dublin

In the grounds of the park at the centre of the square we found the jesters chair, a memorial to Father Ted actor Dermot Morgan and then a rather strange statue of Oscar Wilde lounging in a very unflattering pose on an uncomfortable looking granite rock which I didn’t care for a great deal Continue reading