El Cid

El Cid 4

I am not certain why this should be but my El Cid posts have so far been some of the most popular:

El Cid and the Spanish Reconquista


El Cid and Alvar Fáñez another hero of the Reconquest


El Cid and his Horse Babieca


El Cid and his Wife Ximena


El Cid and his sword La Tizona


El Cid and Saint James


El Cid and Alfonso VI


El Cid and the Castle of Belmonte


El Cid – The Film Fact and Fiction


2 responses to “El Cid

  1. A thousand of so years ago, my high school Spanish class was packed off to a special showing of El Cid for school groups. We’d already eaten lunch, which was a shame, because all the other kids seemed to have brought sandwiches, which they proceeded to throw throughout the movie. We did our best to grab whatever flew near us and send it airborne again, but we felt we were at a disadvantage.

    The only thing I remember about the movie is a shot at the end–a white horse galloping along a beach. Probably with a rider, but I couldn’t even swear to that.

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